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Gartec Home Lifts offer energy-efficient electrical lifts with hundreds of design options, installed in just 3 days.

Travel 6 floors with doors on different sides, from compact to wheelchair sizes with 410kg capacity.

We believe that life isn’t a compromise – chat to us now to futureproof your home today!


6000 home lift: a versatile, flexible platform lift with a small footprint but large space for a wheelchair and carer. Travel up to 6 floors and put doors on different sides to work with almost any home design, with optional glass panels, finishes and colours to make it your own. Carry up to 410kg to futureproof your home and make life simple.

4000 home lift: a compact, simple home lift, ideal for the smallest spaces. Carry up to 410kg over 6 floors, with a larger size for single wheelchair use and doors on different sides to make any design flow. Ideal for a cupboard space or corner alcove access.

Smart HomeLift: our shining star, the smart homelift is a connected lift with phone app to control lighting, colour and schedules. The HomeLift is fully design driven, offering a piece of art with all the functionality you expect from our lifts. Customise the backwall with your own design.


Our lifts come as standard with free site visits and consultations, showroom appointments, pre-installation checks, full handover and a 2 year warranty with servicing – as well as any advice or support you need along the way.

Why not have a chat with one of our home lift experts on stand E24 – or call 01296 397100 / visit for more information!