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ICF Supplies Ltd is the UK’s largest authorised distributor of Nudura ICF products.  Two high density polystyrene panels are connected via webs made from 100% recycled products, forming a continuous hollow core for concrete and steel placement.  Build It’s Self Build Education House is built using Nudura as the walling system.

The thermal mass allows buildings to maintain comfortable temperatures effectively.  Nudura addresses cold bridging efficiently, is inherently airtight and offers U values as low as 0.11 making it a perfect fit for current Building Reg criteria for any building right up to Passivhaus requirements.

After sales service and customer care is at the heart of our philosophy

We offer training both on and off site; supervision for set out and concrete pours; provide in house technical support and have a network of professionals familiar with the products.


Whether you’re looking for an eco-build or simply a better method of construction, ICF Supplies Ltd is with you every step of the way, helping you build your project using the latest technological innovations.